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Welcome to GlobalLink. and Tommy Hilfiger have teamed up to offer this workflow tool designed to simplify your globalization efforts. Regardless of the department you work for, you'll be able to leverage each other's historic work and build off of existing successes.

We look forward to working with you.

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Welcome to GlobalLink.
We hope you enjoy using our application that are designed to simplify globalization efforts.

GlobalLink® Project Director offers Tommy Hilfiger the powerful workflow of a Globalization Management System (GMS) as a completely hosted solution. Tommy Hilfiger can now make globalization efforts more cost-effective and efficient in a SaaS (Software as a Service) delivery model that requires no internal IT dependencies.

Translation and Review Portal is an online method of proofreading translated content, giving you the real-time ability to reference all glossaries and memory.

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Who we are...

The GlobalLink Product Suite

Translation Management. Simplified.

GlobalLink provides an intuitive platform to streamline every facet of the localization process. The suite is comprised of modular applications that can function independently or as part of an integrated end-to-end solution. Our commitment to Tommy Hilfiger has driven the quest to continually improve each step of the localization workflow, making GlobalLink the ultimate solution for documentation, software, and web content requirements.


GlobalLink® Project Director

GlobalLink Project Director streamlines the entire process of managing complex localization requirements for both online and offline content.

Project Director provides powerful business process automation, flexible integration capabilities, translation vendor management and project workflow capabilities in an intuitive, web-based platform. As the flagship application of the GlobalLink Localization Suite, Project Director can be easily configured to meet any enterprise translation requirements.

Key Advantages of Project Director
Feature Benefit
Flexible Architecture Available as an installed or SaaS application to meet any IT requirement.
Configurable Workflow Object-oriented visual workflow engine allows for simple creation of custom processes for multiple projects, vendors, and file types.
Translation Memory Integration Integration with GlobalLink TM Server provides all involved language providers with real-time access to the most current and accurate translation memory assets. The use of Translation Memory reduces cost, accelerates turnaround times, and maintains absolute consistency in all content.
Vendor Management Supports any combination of internal or external translation resources; stores rate and turnaround time metrics.
Simple Integration Connects to any CMS or back-end system via a published web-services API or installed content mediator.
Business Process Automation Parses virtually any file format and creates comprehensive localization kits for internal or external vendors automatically.
Project Management Tracks all translation projects in real-time across the entire enterprise and generates customized reports on-demand.


GlobalLink® Translation & Review Portal

GlobalLink Translation & Review Portal allows users to control the entire translation and review lifecycle across all internal departments as well as partners and vendors outside the organization. The Translation & Review Portal enables organizations to easily capture all translations, revisions, and comments in a central platform, dramatically reducing turnaround times. Project teams can manage assignments and timelines for all facets of the translation review process.

Key Advantages of the Translation & Review Portal
Feature Benefit
End-to-End Process Streamline key localization processes, including translation, review, approval, and TM updates.
Secure Global Access Online collaboration for translatable files and reference materials, hosted in a SAS 70 Level II compliant facility.
Intuitive Translation Interface Web-based application provides powerful translation functionality with virtually no learning curve and no software to install.
Translation Memory Integration Ensure the reuse of previous translations and automate the process of incorporating revisions.
Glossary Integration Ensure that translators are always using approved terminology.
Content Filters Shorten the review cycle by classifying content according to translation memory statistics, review status, or other custom criteria.
Automated Tracking and Reporting Track progress and produce detailed audit reports for every project.


GlobalLink® Term Manager

GlobalLink Term Manager improves the way organizations manage and control highly branded, technical, or industry-specific terminology by streamlining the process of glossary creation, translation, approval, and sharing. Term Manager allows distributed teams to work together on terminology management more efficiently. Through Term Manager, project teams, translators, and vendors around the world can collaborate on, create, and maintain a centralized glossary of approved terminology.

Key Advantages of Term Manager
Feature Benefit
Version Tracking Author changes are logged and stored for quick reference.
User Profiles Assign roles, privileges, and profiles to individual users.
Create Categories Customize views to allow users to maintain separate glossaries for different industries, departments, or business units.
Security Safeguard your content with secure login and assigned permissions.
Powerful Search Engine Quickly locate glossary terms in any language or query data based on other parameters, such as status or date modified.
Seamless Integration Intuitive web-based interface allows Term Manager to be easily integrated into intranets and extranets. In addition, integration with the entire GlobalLink® Localization Suite extends Term Manager's capabilities by incorporating approved terminology into GlobalLink® TransStudio and GlobalLink® Translation & Review Portal – ensuring your translations always contain the most up-to-date terminology.